Implants - The Smile You Deserve

Dental implants are a permanent option to replace either a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or even whole arch or a full mouth of teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, which are false teeth that you can easily remove, or conventional bridges, which often require damaging/enamel reduction of adjacent teeth, dental implants are a fixed permanent solution to broken or missing teeth. Implants can support a single tooth restoration, a bridge, a fixed denture or removable over denture. No denture worries, with implants you can take back your smile with confidence.


FLEXIBILITY & Aesthetic 

We offer several types of implants, whether you need fixed implants or prefer the convenience of removable over dentures. We’re dedicated to finding the right fit for you, so you can smile with confidence. Our implants maintain bone height to minimise bone loss, acting like a real tooth root so we provide you with that natural looking smile.


Inhouse specialist

Our periodontist, Dr Leo Lander, an experienced specialist is ready to tackle any and all challenges and problems. Relax knowing that your smile and dental health is safe and secure in our experienced specialist’s hands. All implants are placed and all crowns are made on site by our experienced staff, saving you time and money. No more running around seeing multiple specialists.


Payment plan & Deals  

We’re offering a current deal of: 1 month only until the 14th of April, 0% deposit and 0% upfront fees. Get an implant + Crown combo for only 4k!