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Why Martin Dentist Dentures?

At Martin Dentist Dentures, we understand what it takes to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. Martin dentist Dentures has been established in Adelaide since 1964, and has remained a family business. We feel privileged to have been able to assist so many patients to restore their smile, relieve them of pain & provide education to help to maintain their optimal dental.

Martin Dentist Dentures strives to provide excellence in dental care. Our Health Professionals are committed to attend continuing professional development courses to ensure they are on the cutting edge of the technology and materials available.James Martin leads the team, who between them have years of dental experience and are highly regarded in their field.We believe that a visit to the dentist should not be a stressful experience. That is why we are determined to show you a relaxing, comfortable & worry free visit.

In addition to our denture services, we also offer general dental!

We believe in taking a holistic approach to dental treatment. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service where you, the client, feel happy with whatever decision you choose to make in regards to your dental treatment.

First, we take the time to listen to your concerns, then one of our experienced dentist will perform a comprehensive intra/extra oral examination of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. This includes detection of dental decay, oral cancer screening, and periodontal (gum) health.

Then, our dentist will give you some treatment options based on your budget or priorities, and establish a treatment plan that suits your needs, budget & timetable. We also offer our patients interest free payment plans to assist them in completing treatment in a timely manner.

Other features Martin Dentist Dentures offers:

  • All our rooms are equipped with Intra-oral cameras to allow us to have you involved in seeing any areas of concern. We believe a picture tells a thousand words, this assists the dentist to build a treatment plan more effectively.

  • In house laboratory, at Martin Dentist Dentures, we are one of only a few dental clinics which have their own dental laboratory. All dentures, crowns, mouthguards, nightguards & veneers are fabricated on site! Allowing a faster turnaround on your treatment and a superb end result as the dentists, technicians & prosthetists are working together to offer you the best possible treatment.

  • Digital Radiographs (x-rays) & OPG facilities, we utilize low radiation x-rays which allow us to instantly view in detail a panoramic view of your entire jaw to instantly diagnose problem wisdom teeth, bone degeneration/loss & other diagnostic purposes. No more referrals and waiting around for results, or multiple trips to the dentist causing disruption to your busy day and your pocket  .

  • Modern clinics with option of in chair entertainment! You can choose to listen to your favorite tunes, or some of ours! Or why not take the opportunity to watch your favorite show or movie from our wide library selection.

  • CEREC - We are very excited to offer our patients same day ceramic restorations! Our in house lab can fabricate veneers, bridges & crowns in a singe day! No temporary restorations are required. Also if you are interested, you can choose to be involved with the design process with our CAD/CAM software.

You can call our front desk at 08 8255 6349 or email us at admin@martindentistdentures.com.au or fill the Contact Form
Dental Clinic │ Martin Dentures and Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic │ Martin Dentures and Dental Clinic

Are you considering Dental Crowns, Braces or Cosmetic Dentures, but worried about how to cover the cost? Martin Dentures offers Interest Free Payment Plans That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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