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For more than 50 years the Martin family have been serving the Elizabeth community and surrounding areas. Their name has become synonymous with excellence in dental prostethics, and dental services.

The first Martin family denture clinic was opened in 1964 by Richard Martin. Housed in the same location as the present-day Martin Dentist Dentures, Richard's clinic continued for 30 years. At which point, his son Tim took over in 1995, and the clinic became Tim Martin’s Denture and Dental Clinic.

Richard Martin,

Richard Martin,

Richard Martin, Working in the lab 1960’s

Richard Martin, Working in the lab 1960’s

3 Generations of Martin Dentists

Tim Martin, Richard Martin, James Martin

In 2013, third-generation Dental Prosthetist, James Martin, took over his Father’s clinic, and Martin Dentist Dentures was born.  

The Martin family and our loyal team believe that every person deserves the best in dental care. It is our mission to help you and your family keep your beautiful smiles.



James completed his Dental Prosthetics studies in 2007 at Sydney Dental Hospital, and followed this with several years spent working within other clinics. 

In 2013 James, third-generation Dental Prosthetist, took over the reigns of the family clinic, and the new Martin Dentist Dentures was born.